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1 Day Workshop

Champion Goal Setting Workshop

“Success is Goal-Setting, and all the rest is Conversation”

Champion Goal Setting Workshop

Program Overview:

A study on Harvard MBA students showed that setting goals actually help people to achieve 10 times more income than peers who don't. Unfortunately, only an estimated 3% of the population takes the time to actually set goals.

Goal setting is one of the most powerful yet undermined tools of living a successful, happy, and healthy life. The difference between an ordinary goal and a powerful, meaningful goal lies in the way the goal was set. In this intensive 1-day program, Blair Singer and Mack Newton combine 50 years of expertise into a powerful formula that helps you find out exactly What You Want and a precise 12-step process designed to help you become absolutely unstoppable!

This is a process that has:

  • Created top performing and award-winning employees

  • Helped people lose excess weight and replace it with Energy and Fitness

  • Won Gold medals and major Championships

One of the key elements to achieving any goal is having absolute clarity, focus and discipline. When there is Focus, achieving goals become much more effortless and easier.

Part of the problem why people don't achieve their goals is because they unknowingly set the wrong goals. Blair Singer and Mack Newton's goal-setting process will remove self-sabotaging, “don’t deserve”, “can’t do it”, “not motivated” and fearful thoughts and help you replace them with the “RIGHT” Goal for to drive results into all areas of life in record time.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of the program, you will be able to:

  • Discover what separates champions from average achievers

  • Maintain high focus and clarity such that achieving goals becomes an absolute reality

  • Increase your energy level, confidence and drive to succeed

  • Experience incredible improve in performance and results

  • Eliminate fear and pressure that hold you back

  • Increase a sense of happiness and joy

  • Achieve goals that once seemed impossible

  • Have an absolute clarity on the process of getting good results, making money, getting fit and getting what you want in record time

Program Outline:

This program focuses on how to sharpen your selling skills by acquiring and practising the following:

  • Discovering What you Really Want

  • Reasons why Goals and Dreams are not Achieved

  • 12 steps of Champion Goal Setting

  • Eliminate Negative Emotion and Circumstances

  • Talker vs Doer

  • Manufacture your Belief

Who Should Attend:

New or experienced sales professionals who would like to take control of their destiny by having an absolute clarity on their goals.  


1 Day

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