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3.5 Days Intensive Workshop

Little Voice Mentoring Program (L.V.M.P.)

“Discover how to win the war between your ears in 30 seconds or less and have an Extraordinary Life!”

L.V.M.P. Little Voice Mentoring Program

Program Overview:

Blair Singer has spent over 28 years studying Personal Development. In an effort to bring what he has learned to his clients in a fast and effective format, he met with his mentors in each of these areas and asked, “How can we create a fool proof system to manage the ‘Little Voice’ that holds people back from getting what they want?” They all agreed that a program like this would have to be very special. And it would have to be one-on-one. 

Together, they created a life changing program. A program specifically designed to:

  • Eliminate resistance to achievement

  • Unlock a greater self-concept from within than you have ever experienced before

In you believe there’s a bigger more powerful person inside, want to earn more income, and have great things you want to achieve, then this “Little Voice” Mastery Mentoring Program is for you!

Learning Objectives:

At the end of the program, you will be able to:

  • Stop debilitating chatter in your brain so you can attract what you want now!

  • Eliminate self-sabotaging habits

  • Uncover and manage your “Little Voice” that is inhibiting your income

  • Maintain power in any pressure situation

  • Remove all resistance blocking your dreams

  • Resurrect the hero inside of you

  • Build lasting “level 10” confidence

  • Lose fear of looking foolish

  • Develop the ability to consistently win big

  • Establish a system of accountability that guarantees results

  • Control your emotions in any situation

  • Change your self-concept to match the results you desire

Program Outline:

You will receive weekly one-on-one personal coaching sessions for 6 weeks taking you through this proven process. Your “Little Voice” Mastery Mentor will work with you to:

  • Set goals and achieve them

  • Use metrics to help you track your success

  • Ask you critical questions to help you reveal your self-limiting and non-supportive thoughts

  • Teach you new techniques to manage the “Little Voice” that holds you back

  • Take you through specific processes that help you experience significant changes and fast results

  • Incorporate a daily gratitude process that will proper you towards your goals and transform your life and relationships

Who Should Attend:

Anyone who would like to take charge to have an extraordinary life!


6 Weeks


“The LVMP helped me to think and challenge me to face my issues which have been holding me back. Su Cheng asked me a lot of powerful questions and discussion about my life purpose. He was able to identify that I had an issue with money, a fear/truth that money was a double-edged sword, and had some negative beliefs about money conditioned during my growing up years.

What I gained out of LVMP was:

  • Clarity

  • Knowing what I want

  • Catching the 2nd wind 

Before LVMP, for the past 2 years I have been very comfortable and not so ambitious. Through LVMP, I’ve doubled my company target net worth from RM50 mil to RM100 mil net. I’ve also now invested RM6 million commitment to a 12,000 sqft office!

Now I just take massive action without fear!”

Pang Tse Ming, Pharmaceuticals Business Owner

“I feel empowered, confident, and clear to be the person I want to become. I feel bigger when I get the great insight + clarity in this coaching. The questioning technique & response from the team has also created a very open + safe environment for us to be ourselves. Thanks Su Cheng for role modeling the openness + authenticity. I am very happy about the value of this LVMP coaching & the depth of friendship we achieved together.”

Kathlyn Toh, Director & Chief Trainer

“I feel satisfied and appreciative about what I have experienced and gained during the LVMP sessions. I learnt about how being authentic, courageous, and accountable that take my business and my personal life to the next level. I’m happy being in this great environment under a great coach.”

Terence Teoh, Trainer and Educator

“The Little Voice Mentoring Program really probes your thought on what is possible and shuts down your Little Voice. Our progress is always blocked by fear and little voice that projects negativity and safety first. But progress is breaking through safe barriers and discover new strengthend potential. So, to you and everyone else, I recommend LVMP.”

Dr. Kong Voon Sin, Businessman, Silver Investor

“This course was a great introspective reflection of myself. By answering the question honestly, one is able to learn many things about oneself that allows for great transformation. It was such as eye-opening experience and I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Morgan Granese, Interior Designer 

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