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2 Days Workshop

NLP for Peak Performance Workshop

“Average performers always question the price they have to pay for success; peak performers pay whatever price it takes to win!”

NLP for Peak Performance

Program Overview:

When you look at world-class athletes like Usain Bolt, Michael Phelps, Roger Federer, Tiger Woods, and basketball legend Michael Jordan, what do they have in common? What makes them outstanding? You will find one thing that stands out is their ability to maintain positive motivation for consistent peak performance, and to rise to the occasion even at the most challenging moment. They seem to have the energy to response bravely against adversity and bounce back every time when they fall!

NLP is a revolutionary behavioral science that describes the fundamental relationships between mind and language, and how their interplay affects our physiology and performance. NLP offers the proven techniques to achieve consistent peak performance by managing your mindset and take charge of your state, behavior, and action. This workshop empowers you with a step-by-step methodology to install appropriate mental strategies to stay positive & motivated when things are not going your way and to tap into your strength from within to achieve performance excellence.

This program is designed to provide you with the most powerful behavioral tools available today for understanding people, building rapport and developing trust with others. It provides you with the much-needed flexibility in dealing with people and improving your interpersonal relationship skills. If you want to go to the top in your organization, there is really nothing more important than being effective in dealing with people. NLP for Peak Performance shows you the pathway to performance excellent.

Learning Objectives:

At the end of the program, you will be able to:

  • Accelerate your personal and professional growth using NLP techniques

  • Unleash the power of your mind and tap into your hidden potentials

  • Read the thinking process of others through observing their eye patterns

  • Utilize the structure of language to create positive thought patterns in yourself and others

  • Change your focus and perception (re-framing) to maintain positive motivation

  • Manage your state for consistent peak performance

  • Install powerful triggers in your mind to “turn it on” at will

  • Breakthrough the limiting beliefs and transform fears into power

Program Outline:

This program focuses on how to empower yourself with the skills that will transform your life by learning the following topics:

  • Cause and Effect Equation

  • NLP Communication Model

  • Understand your Primary Representation System

  • The 9 Keys to an Achievable Outcome & Well-formedness Conditions

  • Change your Submodalities

  • Swish Pattern

  • Destiny Designer Process – Emotional Cleansing

  • 7-Step Strategy of Transforming Fears into Power

Who Should Attend:

This workshop is essential for anyone who are passionate, committed and serious about taking charge of their life and wanted to break away from their comfort zone to achieve new breakthrough in life.


2 Days

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