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2 Days Workshop

Code of Honor Workshop

“Unlock the full potential of your business by creating a Championship Team”

Code Of Honor

Program Overview:

Great Teams = Exceptional Growth.

If a group does not function as a cohesive unit, particularly in changing economic times, the organization will have no edge, little competitive advantage and inability to exceed expectations of the market. Unfortunately, the truth is that although there are tons of great and talented people in the workplace, very few operate at over half of their full potential. This program will allow you to uncover the genetic code of building an exceptional team for your business.

Business that know how to build a championship team to keep people motivated, accountable and energized, will win. Accountability is Key to this plan. In this powerful 2-day program, we drill deep into the Code of Honor and team training to set the platform and context for accountability at all levels of the organization. The key is to focus on keeping each person accountable for the behaviors and activities that will ultimately drive the organization to the next level.

Code of Honor is an important element that is commonly found in all great teams. It’s a set of simple, powerful rules that govern the internal behavior of any team, organization, and even nation. These rules determine how we behave toward one another within the team. They are its heart and spirit. They are what people are willing to stand and defend – and be accountable for.  Code of Honor will set the stage and empower teams to become much more powerful, mission driven and inspirational!

Learning Objectives:

At the end of the program, you will be able to:

  • Assemble, nurture and develop an ordinary group of people into a true championship team!

  • Pull any team together under pressure and make them top performers

  • Eliminate whining, complaining, finger pointing and gossip

  • Create bonded long-term relationship based on trust, respect and commitment

  • How to maintain energy of the group no matter what the subject is and the time of day

  • Develop the “can do/will do” attitude in a team and see them soar!

  • Boost up the morale, promote productivity and self-initiative that lead to better performance and results

  • Get the most out of a team by generating task ownership and responsibility

Program Outline:

This program focuses on how to sharpen your skills in building exceptional teams by acquiring and practicing the following:

  • The Backbone of a Championship Team

  • Designing a Context that Holds Teams Together

  • The Code of Honor

  • Simulation of Corporate problems through Game and roleplay

  • Generate Energy and Team Bonding Using the Power of Acknowledgement

  • How to Increase Accountability in a Team

  • The Art of Creating a Championship Team

  • Transforming ordinary people into Champions

Who Should Attend:

Team leaders who would like to develop their team into a championship team.


2 Days

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