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2 Days Intensive Workshop

DNA OF Leadership Workshop

“To achieve your leadership legacy by awakening the seeds of Greatness in you”

DNA OF Leadership

Program Overview:

In today’s competitive world, leaders face huge challenges in the aspects of growth, change, globalization, talent, and competition. And the demand for great leadership is unprecedented. Organizations invest millions of dollars each year to train their leaders in hope that they can bring success and sustainability. Leadership development is the key distinctive advantage for today’s organization.

No one is willing to follow a leader who has no idea who he or she is, and who has no clue where he is going. The leadership competency that this program focuses on is to achieve personal leadership mastery and create a strong attitudinal and skill foundation for effective management and leadership. You will also learn the skill of managing upward by building strong, effective relationship with your superior that will power your work and your reputation within the organization. Your leadership journey should be in synchronization with the organization – so you need to be able to put yourself within the vision and values that the organization stands for and bring them alive.

To be truly an authentic as a leader and be comfortable with identity, values, significance and competence requires a good level of emotional intelligence, self-awareness, and self-management. As a leader, you got to have the ability to glue the team together and inspire everyone toward the organization mission. You must continue to learn, stretch yourself, expand your mind, and surround yourself with great leaders. To achieve leadership legacy, it’s an ongoing journey and it worth your every moment and energy. 

Learning Objectives:

At the end of the program, you will be able to:

  • Be more effective both as a performer and as a leader

  • Know when to manage and when to lead to achieve goals

  • Heighten Self-Awareness and manage own emotions and behaviors

  • Communicate with clarify & power to influence and lead others 

  • Adapt their behavioral style to build greater rapport with your key stakeholders

  • Apply the right leadership styles at a given specific task situation

  • Develop self-leadership and increase versatility in managing complex situations

  • Develop credibility as a leader

Program Outline:

This program focuses on how to sharpen your leadership skills by acquiring and practising the following:

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Coaching

  • Building an effective team

  • Inspire and influence

  • Leaving a legacy

Who Should Attend:

All aspiring managers, team leaders, business owners, entrepreneur, and anyone who wants to sharpen their leadership skills to inspire, influence, and lead effectively 


2 Days

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